Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right concrete contractor for my project?

Meet with the prospective concrete contractor and ask questions such as what experience does he have?  Be sure to check his references and to research concrete construction.

Is the contractor bonded and have insurance?

Proper insurance is required by construction permits.  Request a copy of his Certificate of Insurance.  This will prevent any liability against your homeowner’s insurance in the event any employee is injured on the job and the contractor was uninsured or under insured.

Does the concrete contractor have referrals you can contact?

If your prospective contractor has the experience you need for your project and has done a good job in the past, he will have referrals from past and recent concrete projects. Previous happy clients are usually more than willing to answer questions about the contractor.

What  training, education, and Certifications does the concrete contractor have?

Concrete placement involves hard work and extensive knowledge regarding concrete placement and finishing techniques that affects the structural integrity of a project. If your contractor keeps up with ongoing education and training, it will ensure that he is well learned on the hazards of improper techniques causing your project to become a nightmare of problems.

Will the contractor hire subcontractors?

Finding out the extent to which the contractor is personally involved in performing the construction is important because in general, the results are higher quality and more timely than those who hire subcontractors.  

How long will the concrete construction take to complete?

Depending on the project, the time to completion will vary although as a rule of thumb, most standard double-wide driveways take no longer than 3 days from removal of the old driveway to completion of the project. Of course, larger or more involved projects can take longer, but getting estimates from several contractors can give you a better idea on what is reasonable.

How will the existing area be demolished and the waste disposed of?

Find out if the contractor has the equipment to demolish themselves.  Does the contractor have ability to haul away waste, and where will it be hauled to?  Concrete waste should not be dumped at an unapproved site unknown to authorities. 

Will the prospective contractor provide a Lien Waiver upon completion and payment?

Once the contractor is paid for the completed project, ask him for a lien waiver which will verify and insure that he has been fully paid and will not file a lien on your property.  


In answer to the above frequently asked questions, Victor Rivera of V. Rivera Concrete has over 20 years of concrete and stone work experience with referrals available upon request.  Victor is bonded and insured, and is a licensed contractor (License # 881270) who keeps up on ongoing education.  He hires experienced laborers to aid him on projects, but personally oversees all work and does not hire subcontractors.  With his experience, he is able to accurately estimate the time to complete the project.  V. Rivera Concrete performs all demolition and waste removal themselves.  A lien waiver will be provided once full payment for the concrete construction project is made.

No construction nightmares with V. Rivera Concrete, you will be happy with the quality of work and reliability provided!

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